Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Do you dress your models?"

I have over 100 messages with questions in my inbox so I thought it would be fun to start answering them along with some photos for those of you have been asking.

This is one question that keeps coming up. Do I dress my models? To a degree- yes! I always tell parents the brighter, the funkier, the better! I LOVE colors and process colors that are brighter way better then dull colors (browns, blacks, greys). I have tons and tons of dresses, headbands, wands, boas, and hats that I bring along at the clients request. A whole gallery on my website is dedicated to showing some of my costume props. This has become a fun way to get kids to open up and have some fun! I am so glad to be partnered with GenMarie through littlest heroes, giving me access to Christine's beautiful dresses which have become a client favorite!

I am proud to say that I am a smart shopper and never settle for "base" price on any item over $50. I will never and have never paid $90 for a pettiskirt! I do a lot of hunting, sometimes for hours looking on websites for more reasonable prices and usually always come out with tons of things for WAY less. It all takes patience but it is totally worth it!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me!


Naomi Levit said...

You are such an inspiring woman! I am so glad I have found your site! My sister had micro-preemie triplets (two are still with us) about a year ago and has come in contact with many mothers throughout the, that is how I found The Littlest Heroes Project website, and then I found you were a fellow photographer as well! I am deeply touched by your work and the way you face life! Thank you for giving me hope again!!!
Love & Peace,

Susan said...

This is just darling!

BTW, I googled you to find your blog! I'm "tropicdiversdaughter" on flickr! I love love love your work! Hope you don't mind! :)