Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Mini Sessions

Had two small mini sessions this morning for Sammy and Gabe! This is the first time I have ever used backdrops in my photos and I have to say it was quite fun! Still used all natural window light but I think using the backdrop spiced things up a bit. These last few days have been very difficult and I have had so many things going on that I even forgot a session yesterday for Kyla, but hope to get to her photos tomorrow afternoon as a makeup session (SO sorry guys!)

And for everyone asking about CD's going out PLEASE read the updates on my website. I am no longer sending out high res CD's with my sessions because of many issues that have come up recently with doing so. Everyone who I said would get a CD with there sessions the past few months will not get an online gallery and I also will send you a zip if you have not already gotten yours. By having the gallery you can send it to friends and family who can also download the photos and you are still able to save them and print them as you please. I have run into way too many problems with giving people the CD's and so the cost of them is now an extra $50 per CD if you wish you purchase one. Again I am sorry for those who feel "cheated" but I have to make it fair and discontinue giving them out to all clients, and not just a few. For those who are upset over the change I am truly sorry and hope you will understand why this change had to be made. 

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