Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still Smiling

Let's just say the last 24 hours have been more than horrible. It started with a fever, then a small stomach ache and then a migraine towards the end of the day... and has turned into much more. Came home early from babysitting throwing up. Slept only for 4 hours last and I am now up feeling like a truck has run over me twice.

Thank you to all of you who have written this year, each testimonial truly is a gift and they lifted my spirits today...thank you!
And thank you all for understanding why I have been behind a little on getting out CD's (which I will not be giving out next year because of all the copyright issues) and for being a little behind on emails.

After all of this hell, I remember to still smile. I know things get hard and I know they might get worse before they get better but I just have to keep smiling. Taken this morning...after only a few hours of sleep I was able to get out of bed and still snap some sps and believe it or not my friend who called to see how I was before she left for school and my mom had me laughing on speaker phone while snapping these. God does amazing things if you just trust and believe in him. I can still smile even with all of the pain...and sometimes even a smile can take the pain away.

Still smiling

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